Hello, we're Alan and Catherine Moore - the creative design team behind Alley Cat Design Studio's

reclaimed wood artwork, home and garden decor. What drew us together over 40 years ago still holds us

together today.We both love all aspects of nature - being active outdoors, enjoying all of the Ozarks

seasons by camping, canoeing and hiking year-round. Nature and all her beautiful colors and textures 

inspires us to create. We feel privileged to live and work at home on five rocky acres of towering oak trees

and are frequently entertained by a whole slew of wild animals... deer, fox, raccoons, possums, turkeys,

groundhogs, gray squirrels and every bird imaginable. Every now and then even a few grand kids stop by. ;-)  


It would be very easy to sit back in our little corner of land, blissfully ignorant of the world around us.

But we can't. The truth is... we are alarmed by the amount of good building materials that are being hauled to 

area landfills everyday and the amount of trees that are being cut down to feed the world's insatiable appetite for lumber. 

Trees literally affect everything around us - the quality of air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat.

With over 40 years of experience in the construction industry, Alan has seen his share of good, viable material being senselessly thrown away only to be replaced with newer lumber.

No, we can't change the world overnight.

But we can make a difference, however small it may be - by choosing to live more consciously - by being more aware of the resources that we use in our everyday lives and those that we so carelessly throw away.

We've made a choice to seek out these materials to make our artwork and home decor.  We encourage everyone we know and everyone who reads this to consider buying goods made from reclaimed, recycled, rescued or vintage materials.

Together we can make a difference. And hopefully, this beautiful world will be better for our efforts. 

Built To Last -

See & Feel The Difference

Every item we sell

is built, painted and finished 

by our hands -

and boy! do we have the

calluses to prove it! 

Quality takes time.

No detail is overlooked 

or cut to speed the process- and we're proud to say-

it shows! 

Reclaimed  & Salvaged Wood

We handpick, cull and clean every piece of wood we salvage, allowing it to dry for months before we begin

making your artwork. 

You can rest assured that

every item you purchase

from us will look as

good twenty, forty,

100 years down the road

as it does today. 


We strongly believe that "Rustic" styling

means you should NEVER settle

for rough, shoddy or poorly constructed

designs or materials...

or pay outrageous prices to enjoy

original, hand-crafted artwork.

We take a great deal of care and pride
in producing quality home decor
that not only celebrates the beauty of the wood, 
its colors and designs... but also 
the people and the families
who have chosen to surround themselves with
meaningful and beautiful art -
while protecting our environment. 
To you, we are grateful for your business.

Our Company's Philosophy...Rustic. Modern. Always Original.


Old Growth Wood

It's a quality you recognize immediately. The color of the grain is richer... deeper.

It feels heavier in your hand - like the years have somehow added weight to its fibers. Their natural beauty and character cannot be duplicated - as there's nothing like age to bring out the true color and texture of wood!

Who are we...and what's important to us 

History Meets

Contemporary Design

While we leave much of the wood's beautiful characteristics - the imperfections that speaks of its previous life  -

the saw marks, ax notches,

insect burrows, scrapes, gouges and nail holes

for you to enjoy today... 

you can quickly see -

this ain't your Grandma's

home decor!

Let's talk about Quality & what you can expect from us