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Horizontal Style Bins

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Horizontal Style Bins

This listing features photos of our Five (5) Horizontal Style Veggie Bins... including our new, extra large, fully customizable Market Bin!

NOTE on Market Bins: You can now choose how many compartments you want on each level!
Choose none if you want one large open bin or have us add one or two dividers for a total of 3 compartments on one or both levels.
Please leave a note at Checkout or include a Convo to discuss further.

If you have any questions regarding our Horizontal Style Veggie Bins in other colors and finishes... or want to request a Custom Order... please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dimensions: Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view sizes.

Reclaimed Pine Fencing

• Single Compartment Veggie Bin(s) (shown):
One (1) Distressed
One (1) Heavily Distressed
Please leave me a Note at Checkout if you would like wall hangers attached.


Please Allow up to 3 to 4 Weeks to complete.

Choose from Five (5) Horizontal Styles at Checkout:
Wall Hanging Option is available at no additional cost.

• Single, Double, Triple, and small Off-Set Double Compartment Veggie Bins... ... or NEW! The customizable extra large Corner Market Bin

•At Checkout please leave me a NOTE:
Questions? Please contact me to discuss!

Select a Paint Color: Too many color options to list!
• Custom Color requests are always welcomed!

• White/Off-White
• Black
• Blue/Navy/Turquoise/Teal
• Green/Mint/Sage/Spring Green/Forest
• Red

Or Select a Stain Color:
• Light Brown/ Honey Brown/Golden Brown
• Medium Brown
• Dark Brown
• Reddish Brown
• Light Gray/Driftwood
• Gray/Charcoal/Granite/Elephant
• Brownish Gray
• Dark Blueish Gray

• Interior Color - please let me know if you want the interior of your bin stained the same color as the exterior... or in a lighter brown wood tone if the exterior is finished in a paint color... or left unstained.

• Poly Sheen Preference: Matte or Satin - All surfaces, inside and out, are sealed with at least three coats of quality matte or satin poly - and both finishes can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

• Choose the total number of BINS you want
• Where you would like dividers (if any) placed on each level: Bottom or Top Level

• Distressing Preference: Solid (no distressing) - Lightly - Distressed - Heavily
• "Weathered" refers to when I allow the naturally gray weathered colors of the reclaimed wood to also be visible and not be completely covered by stain.

• 100% Reclaimed Pine Fencing Material
• Biscuit Joints, Wood Glue, Brad Nails
• Water Based, Food Safe Stains and Polys
• All surfaces are sealed with three coats of quality poly.

Solidly constructed bins with biscuit joints for added strength.
After cleaning the wood and having allowed it to dry thoroughly, I hand apply a non-toxic, food safe stain or paint to the outside and hand sand the wood smooth.
Several coats of a quality, non-toxic and food safe water based matte or satin poly are applied, with hand sanding between coats. The poly helps seal and protects the wood from dust and moisture.
Clean up is simple. Simply wipe up spills or debris with a damp cloth.
Items shown in the images are not to scale and are not included - only the wood bins are for sale.

Size Specifications:

~ One or Two Person Household ~


• Overall Dimensions Approx.: Top Shelf: w13” x d3”
Inside Dimensions: 11 3/8” x h7 3/8" x d6 ½”


Overall Dimensions Approx.: w15.5" x d10" x h10"
Both Bins Approx.: w6 5/8" x d8.25" x h8.25"
Top Shelf: w17.25" x d3 1/2"


Overall Dimensions Approx.: w17 3/4" x d7" x h6 1/4"
Large Bin Approx.: w10 1/2" x d5 3/4" x h5"
Small Bin Approx.: w6" x d5 3/4" x h5"
Top Shelf: w20" x d3 1/2" x h5/8"


~Three to Four Person Household ~


Overall Dimensions Approx.: w24" x d9" x h9"
Each Bin Approx.: w6 3/4" to 7" x d7.5" x h7.5"
Top Shelf: w25.5" x d3 ½”


~ Extra Large Family Household ~

• "The Market Veggie Bin"

Overall 2 Story Dimensions with 3.5" Top Shelf: w22.75"
Body: w21.25" x h14.75" x d8.5"