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"Pinnacle" Reclaimed Wood Artwork

"Pinnacle" Reclaimed Wood Artwork

"Pinnacle" - Reclaimed Wood Artwork
Reclaimed rough sawn cedar fencing

Exciting colors and pattern... all packed into this amazingly versatile narrow design!

Approx. h31" x w12" x d1 5/8"

IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP in 1 to 3 days

Sorry, not currently accepting Custom Orders of this design.

"The Pinnacle"

We created "Pinnacle" with reclaimed rough sawn cedar fencing that was ripped to size and laid out in an eye-catching abstract "mountain peak" pattern and is finished with dark, dark brown, rust, white and gray colored stains, paints and matte poly.

From the shop to studio, each piece is carefully hand sanded, stained and painted, with attention to detail.
In the shop, with the pattern trimmed and squared, the pieces are re-fitted onto a new 3/4" plywood backing, glued and pin nailed.

The mitered corner frame is stained in a dark brown.

Back in the studio, new nail holes are filled, the wood is once again sanded and the entire piece is sealed with no less that three coats of a quality satin poly finish, with sanding between coats to insure a beautiful, smooth finish.

The back is neatly finished with brown paper and is signed, titled, and dated.

All Artwork arrives Ready to Hang with Two (2) Large Metal D Ring Hangers.
~ No other wires are necessary to add
~ Large Hangers can support up to 100 lbs. each - and are screwed into the plywood for superior strength and hold
~ Hanging Instructions are included in every order
~ Two Course Thread Screws - perfect for sheet rock applications - will accompany your order

Recommended method of cleaning/dusting: Gently use a soft bristled brush or vacuum with brush attachment.

Images in photo may not be to scale and is shown for design purposes only.

NOTE: Our Reclaimed Wood Artwork is One-of-a-Kind. While each piece will be carefully handmade using the same varieties of reclaimed woods… finished in the same or similar stain and paint colors and is virtually impossible to replicate two different pieces of this artwork to look exactly alike.
The reclaimed wood found in our artwork may contain some or all of the following: the original surface saw cuts, wood knots and holes, uneven thicknesses, notches, scraps, crevices, rust stains, nail holes, discolorations and other imperfections or blemishes. Each will be examined on an individual basis by the Seller for its integrity and solidness – and/or may be filled with wood filler, hand sanded to remove splinters or rough patches or left alone to create textural interest.
These characteristics are what make each piece of artwork unique and should not be considered a defect.
However, if one of these features is a concern - please speak to the Seller prior to ordering or at the beginning of the project to avoid delays.